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Below we have listed our current efforts towards social, environmental and corporate sustainability – But! We are definitely not perfect and still have a long way to go!

Social sustainability:

- We only work with small artisans and businesses in Italy for our handbag production;

- We purchase our dust bags from The Princess Diya Kumari Foundation and hence help Indian women to gain financial independence. For more information, click here.;

- We are happy to say that 2 of our 4 partner companies are led by inspiring business women;

- All our partners verified that human rights are respected and fair wages are paid;

-  We are bound to build a diverse team in terms of race, background and gender;

- We donate 5% of our profit to social and environmental projects and institutions - Currently the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation in Jaipur, India, to support women in gaining financial independence. For more information, click here.

Environmental sustainability:

- We produce our handbags in Europe minimizing CO2 transport emissions;

- We produce in small quantities to avoid the waste of resources;

- We use leather which is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials;

- We chose leathers which contribute to the full utilization cycle;

- We experiment with reusable and innovative materials for upcoming models, however our aim is to think sustainability through to the end.

Corporate sustainability:

- Attending to global business ethics, respecting governing laws, regulations and standards are hygiene factors;

- We try our best to establish transparency along our supply chain and are constantly working on improving the full production cycle. Click here to see more.


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