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Learn more about our „6 Philosphies“ which serve as the foundation for how we work, the decisions we make and the steps we take. These principles are of great importance to us, and we strive to uphold them throughout our journey.


We strongly believe in the power of passion. It’s our engine! We love what we do and want to share that joy with our customers and partner companies through our products and services.


At EEVA RIA, we put working women in the center of attention. All of our products are tailored to her needs with the goal to make her work life easy. We actively involve as many working women as possible in the design and development process, ensuring that the business ladies' opinions and preferences drive what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.

Furthermore, we don't simply develop "the next" bag, but rather intelligent designs that seamlessly blend functionality and fashion. Our business bags are practical, versatile and facilitate working women in their daily lives. Our designs, while timeless, also possess a unique character, offering the opportunity for personalization.


Quality is our top priority. To provide a product that lasts, we only work with durable materials of the highest quality standards. For us, quality encompasses not only the production and composition of materials and the finish, but also how it feels and smells, particularly when it comes to leather. We have a rigorous process for testing our components such as leather, lining, hardware, chains/cords and packaging material and have personal relationships with all of our suppliers and manufacturers.


We manufacture locally to reduce our carbon footprint and support small craft businesses. The majority of our raw materials, 98%, come from Europe, and we are working on sourcing the remaining 2% from the region as well.

The only exception is our dust bags, which are produced in India to support the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation, which helps women and girls who face cultural, gender biased and economic barriers to gain financial independence. For more information, click here

Despite the additional production costs, we choose to produce our business bags in Italy. It is known for its rich history in leather crafting and bag-making dating back centuries. Our business bags are 100% made in Italy, and all our handbag suppliers are also located in Italy. Our handbags are designed in Berlin, known as the city of creativity, art, and design in Germany.


We understand that our business is not solving any major global issues, however, we hope to make a small impact by empowering and boosting the confidence of working women by providing them with functional and stylish bags to navigate their busy work lives. We strongly believe that education, financial independence, and the pursuit of one's dreams are essential for unlocking one's full
potential. That's why we invest 5% of our profits in foundations that support women in achieving those goals.
This year, our investment will be directed towards the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation (PDKF) in India, from where we source our dust bags and whose mission is to help women and girls, who face cultural, gender biased and economic barriers, to gain financial independence.


We have an ambitious goal: to become the leading brand for business bags for working women. This is a huge challenge, and we know that there will be obstacles along the way. However, we believe in the power of continuous learning and taking a step-by-step approach to growth in a sustainable and healthy manner. We believe that curiosity is crucial to long-term success and are committed to continuously questioning and improving every aspect of our business, from product development to after-sales.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement, please do send a note to or via WhatsApp to +49 151 5612771
Thank you!


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